In exercises , there is no one size fits all approachYou will love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyleFunctional Movement Screen ( FMS )in exercises, there is no one size fits all approach

In exercises , there is no one size fits all approach

Are you moving poorly because you are in pain , or are you in pain because you are moving poorly- Gray Cook Physiotherapy


You will love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle

We offer safer and efficient fitness programs for people of all ages in all walks of life...


Functional Movement Screen ( FMS )

You being able to move better, walk more, run faster, play better is our goal

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in exercises, there is no one size fits all approach

"First move well then move often "Antenatal and postnatal class "

Antenatal & Postnatal Classes


 Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine as thoroughly researched and scientific as allopathy.Scientific,Evidence based treatment for lasting relief


Evolution of movement quality for decreasing sports injuries.Functional Movement Screen is designed to screen 7 fundamental movements


The term Yoga has its verbal root as Yuj which means is ultimate choice for improving fitness,concentration and mental peace 

Antenatal & Postnatal Exercise

Once thought only for few women, the importance of antenatal exercises is growing day by day.


We are Advanced Physiotherapy Rehabilition Centre. We offer you state of the art techniques with experienced Physiotherapists to decrease pain, improve mobility,stability and stamina . And we dont just stop there. To remain Fit, healthy and happy our Team of Fitness trainers, Yoga teachers, Nutritionist devise  tailormade solutions to fit in to your busy lifestyles.

  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Sports Screening with FMS
  • Corporate services
  • Yoga
  • Antenatal and Postnatal Classes



Gold medallist Physiotherapist with 8 years experience in Sports, Hospitals and Corporate Offices


Internationally reputed and applied for enhancing performance,prevention, detection and post injuries in sports and fitness arenas.


We have 7 years of experience of conducting workshops, performing ergonomic assessments , providing treatment solutions for corporates in their offices


The programs are with guidance of Physiotherapist so that the suitable class for you can be suggested with our senior trainers.. If you are injuryfree and want to improve fitness level, you can choose from Easy Yoga, Advanced Yoga.


Dr. Renu has 8 years of work experience with antenatal and Postnatal Classes leading gynecologists in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.. The class offers Physio therapeutic exercises with Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition Plan, Education and Techniques during Labour for safer delivery.


Visited For Back Pain Physiotherapy
I came across the post at their official fb page about slipped disc and I was sure I am going through it. In d very first meeting itself Dr. Renu explained me the pain and d reason for the same. When I started, my pain was as such where in I was not even able to stand and today I can definitely say I am much better that I can even walk. That's about her work however the way she handled me is commendable. She made me so comfortable ever since my first meeting and made me believe that I can definitely get better with proper excersise and precautions. Her guidance and d way she explains things in such a simple manner makes a patient self reliant and gives back d same confidence to enjoy life in a much better way den earlier. Even d staff is great at Aum Health and wellness. Its a blessing to meet a person like u who really work towards the health of people! Great job 🙂

Ruchita Sawant

Its been 3 months almost since i joined this center and i love the whole aura of it.Dr Renu,whom i consulted for lower back pain is a very approachable and friendly doctor who communicates your problem so well.This is my 3rd yoga class in 2 years but this is the one i am going to stick for long as the yoga teacher has some deep knowledge and very good teaching skills Unlike commercially-inclined instructors.Overall this is the place to be if one wants to improve their well-being.Great to be a part of Aum Health and Wellness Center


"I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money. I am delighted to be at this place 'Aum Health and Wellness'. As the name suggests, this place is full of vibrations and genuinely works towards well being of the mankind.I suffered from prolapsed disc L3 L4 in Mid July 2017 and was advised to undergo physiotherapy by the orthopedic surgeon. It was difficult to find a good center for this purpose but I found this place online and within a few sittings of physiotherapy I started feeling better. Within 2 weeks I am relieved of 85 percent . Credit goes to the professionalism in the field that Dr. Renu possesses. I wish her success for the center and to Dr. Renu"

K .K. Srivastava

I suffered from radiculopathy post lumbar spondylitis. I had difficulty walking with excruciating pain that started from my back and shot right till my toes. I decided to join vinyasa yoga sessions under Maheshwar’s guidance at AUM health after doctors mentioned my only cure was through physiotherapy. Maheshwar assured me of better results within a month and a half. I did get much better results within a months time. Mahesh is a great teacher and I would strongly recommend his sessions.


I recommend the doctor Dr Renu is not only a gold medalist in her profession but is a kind human being with a heart of gold.She understands the agony of her patients and treats them with compassion. Her friendly nature makes the treatment as comfortable as spending leisure moments with our friends & she gives her best to see that her patient recovers at the earliest. Her expertise in her field is much more than her fees & the quick relief we get very well justifies her charges I was lucky to have an expert doctor &know a lovely person & now I hold myself fit with a good friend by me always

Mukta Pathak

Being in my mid 20's, I really wanted to join Yoga since long, I first took a trial session and finally joined at AUM. The best part about this place is the focus and attention they provide and also how they teach step by step which is making me more comfortable day by day and energised throughout the day. Happy to be here.

Anchala Tomar

"Please accept my sincere thanks for helping me to come out from my elbow pain,as I was suffering from this pain from last 5 months and had visited many doctors but did not get any relief, but after coming to you only after 4 to 5 visits at your clinic helped me to come back to my pain free life. Thanks once again , because of you I could play my 1st cricket tournament of 2019 without any pain. I would be happy to recommend you to my clients,friends or relatives who all are living their life with some or the other pain." They should look for PHYSIOTHERAPIST like you DR.RENU DUDHMANDE.

Ayati Associates

I am attending Yoga program at the center, and it is the best Yoga place in Seawoods, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The focus in on getting holistic fitness and not just body fitness. At the end of the session you are relaxed yet energized to carry out the activities with full enthusiasm.

Ashutosh Purohit


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