Corporate Service

Hello, With the increasing levels of sedentary lifestyles and long hours of sitting on laptops, desktops is leading to an alarming increase of neck,back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. Physiotherapists correctly assess, diagnose and treat your conditions,We perform ergonomic assessments and provide tailormade solutions for faster recovery and prevent recurrence of these conditions. The increasing levels of diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions are the cause of sedentary lifestyle coupled with high stress. We perform numerous health assessments and provide exercise solutions to incorporate in your busy lifestyle Dr. Renu and her team has been conducting various workshops for corporate health for the past 7 years. Few of the companies are Reliance Industries Limited, Morgan Stanley, Bunge India Pvt. Ltd. The workshops are in accordance with internationally accepetd norms and offer the best quality so that the efficiency and productivity of corporates are enhanced, absenteeism is decreased and the incidence of injuries are decreased.