Yoga As A Way Of Life

“What Yoga is and what is not”.

The term Yoga has its verbal root as Yuj which means joining. It is the joining of the individual self, Jivatma with the Universal SELF, Parmatama. It is an expansion of the narrow constricted egoistic personality to an all  pervasive, eternal and blissful state of REALITY.
According to Patanjali, Yoga is a conscious process of gaining mastery over the mind.

Yoga is a systematic process for accelerating the growth of a human being in his entirely. With this growth we can learn to live at higher states of consciousness. Key to this all round personality development and  growth is CULTURING THE MIND. 

Yoga is a process of all round personality development

Yoga is to prevent disease, to promote positive health,  pleasure and joy. The first signs of entering Yoga are lightness of body,  health, un-thirst mind, clearness in complexion, a calm voice, an agreeable odour and proper excretion.

Yoga can accomplish an all round personality development by solving the problems of life and bring bliss into his life. It is for this reason that Yoga is becoming popular day by day in all parts of the globe, just as science and technology grew popular in the society. Yoga is a science applicable to all, irrespective of age or sex, caste or creed, religion or sect. Bathing is for cleansing the outer body and Yoga is cleansing your inner and higher Self.  So inculcate it into your everyday life.